VIVE Lifestyle Network is pleased to introduce its Localcast service for local television affiliate broadcasters as part of its UHD Initiative and TV Revolution campaigns. This unprecedented opportunity benefits both viewers and broadcasters by connecting the two through new-age channels otherwise exclusive to content on demand. VLN has identified a way to help keep local stations relevant in their respective markets by integrating their live broadcasts into its multichannel EPG and linear programming, thus offering viewers the occasion to tune in live as they would via traditional terrestrial television, resulting in audience retention and additional advertising revenues.


Localization – Different affiliates stream on VLN in their respective markets.

Audience expansion – Reach existing and new viewers through every connected screen (across VLN’s suite of branded apps available on mobiles & tablets, game boxes, smart TVs, and OTT devices such as Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Roku).

Cross-channel exposure – Appear at specified (regularly scheduled) times across multiple VLN channels.

Catch-up capability – Viewers may access up to 24 hours pre-played linear programming, as well as special reports and entertainment shows on demand indefinitely (VOD).

UHD-HDR or HD-HDR – Seamlessly stream regularly scheduled programming live in HD-HDR (high dynamic range) or UHD (ultra high definition/4K)-HDR.

Interactivity – Apply interactivity to both programming/broadcasts and commercials/spot adverts (e.g. social engagement, polls, contests/sweepstakes, lead generation, e-commerce).

Low capex – Eliminate costly individual app development and maintenance fees.

Monetization – Co-market/promote and broadcast live pay-per-view events, such as major concerts and professional boxing matches.

VIVE Lifestyle Network is the first entirely ultra high definition, fully interactive, long-form, broadcast-quality 24/7 lifestyle television network available globally on every screen in every format. The network offers experiential lifestyle television series and programmes complemented by relevant opt-in interactive advertising and comprises niche channels in the realms of gastronomy, travel, home & garden, fashion & beauty, health & fitness, music & entertainment, weddings, sports, and indie films.

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