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VIVE’s mission is to facilitate the creation, proliferation, and monetization of UHD HDR content to address the demand of multi-millions of UHD viewers around the globe and in doing so establishing the network as the ultimate UHD entertainment destination.



VIVE is the world’s first UHD HDR multi-channel network and platform as a service (PaaS) that provides a carrier-grade end-to-end solution that includes a CMS, CDN, CRM, customer support, and Smart TV & mobile device applications available globally. The platform connects premium content providers and producers, as well as broadcasters, and facilitates the distribution and monetization of premium programming, including live events, such as concerts and professional sports.



VIVE is proud to count Accedo, the trusted video experience transformation pioneer, and Harmonic, Inc., the worldwide leader in video delivery infrastructure, amongst its closest allies.

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Producers may create, distribute, and monetize premium content and have their shows / films stand out and be in control of their own destiny.

Broadcasters may take advantage of a true competitive edge via access to original content and live events through white label applications deployed on every device, including UHD HDR-capable connected TV’s.


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VIVE Network shall offer free-to-download apps across a plethora of Smart TV’s and OTT (over the top), as well as mobile devices, so that viewers may access premium, original UHD entertainment anywhere & everywhere.


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